Design thinking needs systems thinking, and vice versa. Design thinking means that we focus on people, ask the right questions, and challenge the status quo. Systems thinking allows us to map out the interconnected parts and actors of a system, while it also reveals our individual and collective blind spots.

Moving back and forth between these two approaches, we deliver solutions that we know will work.

Greater than the sum of its parts…

Together, we embark on a journey of discovery. We question, imagine, discuss, zoom in, zoom out, sketch, draw, build, experiment and eventually give way to a positive future.



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Catalina HQ — Laguna Beach, California

Architectural Design

We believe first impressions are important, which is why we paint the most beautiful and elegant picture from the outside in.

Interior Design

Each and every room in your home should be a concoction of luxury, comfort, and everything that brings you joy. It’s really that simple.

Landscape Design

Our experts make your outdoor space feel heavenly. We spray ample color with flowers throughout the perfect selection of trees.