Installing Intelligence.
Creating Comfort.

Spaces to Live, Work & Play! We want to revolutionise every aspect of human life. Better cities, pleasant work places, fantastic homes and great spaces to enjoy life, we find the best solution for every project in every situation.

We redefine typologies and our clients and the users and inhabitants of our work love it, there is no better compliment than great customer satisfaction.

Consider all elements

Building sustainably is about using and combining practices and systems that lessen impact on the environment, lower running costs and make buildings healthy, safe, accessible and comfortable. Regardless if you’re designing a new building or retrofitting an existing building.

Design & Engineering

A good design requires integrated thinking by bringing together all the building designers and technical specialists needed to shape a new building or retrofit an existing building.

Retrofit & Repurpose

The retrofit of existing buildings is crucial to support our path to meeting net-zero carbon targets. Together, we can transform and reuse existing buildings and installations wherever possible.

Building automation

Modern building automation systems ensure that buildings think in a networked way. Optimally designed, users profit from the automation of processes within a building.

Installation & Maintenance

Fitting and maintaining systems or implementing other measures to new or existing buildings is a job for specialists, whether it’s a measurement and control system or eco-friendly insulation.

Systems integration

A well integrated installation makes a building safe, cost efficient and comfortable. It also provides a central point for control, information gathering and analysis.

Research & Development

Things need to change, but we don’t always know how or even where to begin. Determining where to go, visualising solutions, and guiding you through the process of getting there is key.

How can we construct buildings and design installations with consideration for our people, their environment (and the entire planet, for that matter)?

About Us

Slimstalleren has always pushed the boundaries of what design and engineering can achieve. We add to that proud history every day. We have a strong conviction that a more collaborative and open-minded approach to engineering will lead to work of greater quality and enduring relevance.