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Installing Intelligence.

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Commercial electrical installation services

Slimstalleren deals with the design, installation, testing and maintenance of all electrical systems, such as power supply & distribution systems, security, CCTV, fire detection, alarm and access control systems. We can also assist with networking and cable management, energy saving lighting (including the systems that control it) and room & temperature control systems.


Sustainable and energy saving solutions

Sustainable design is about more than saving energy, it is a means to meet your social and environmental responsibilities while also reducing operational costs. It does not necessarily require more upfront investment either, as many modern sustainable design strategies and materials cost no more than conventional methods.


Installation and project management

Our efficient and experienced team have a proud track record of success, meaning even the most demanding project will be delivered efficiently, professionally and to the highest standards with minimum disruption, leaving you free to focus on running your business.

We provide our clients with a single point of contact for the total scheme, keeping you fully informed of progress throughout the project.


Building automation

At the interface of building automation, technology, ICT and industrial automation, new opportunities constantly arise in the areas of innovation, efficiency improvement and cost savings. Slimstalleren advises on, delivers, implements and manages building automation solutions and offers independent systems integration solutions to effectively connect the various building systems.

Slimstalleren provides advanced building automation solutions that ensure a comfortable indoor climate and a sustainable building. Combined with data analytics and smart buildings, Slimstalleren offers comprehensive building automation solutions that create a pleasant environment for employees and visitors to stay in, and which greatly reduce the workload of the facilities manager. In addition, these solutions are an excellent investment for investors, as building automation usually increases the value of a building.

Slimstalleren realises a comprehensive integration of all existing building systems. That includes, for example, climate control, CCTV and fire alarm, burglary detection and access control systems. In addition to linking various systems, comprehensive intelligence is added to the systems to be integrated. This creates a wide range of functionality and information.

Building Automation regulates and integrates all systems in a building; from climate control to lighting and sunblinds. Through the correct regulation of heat, cooling and humidity, a comfortable ambient climate is created, ensuring that the building a pleasant place to stay in.

With a Building Automation solution, all building systems work together efficiently. You can count on reliable systems and low energy consumption.

About Slimstalleren & Why We Are
The Best For the Job

Slimstalleren is the go-to engineering partner for new-build and renovation projects. Our engineering solutions make buildings smart, comfortable, safe, healthy and sustainable. By being involved in a project at an early stage and working together with other chain partners, Slimstalleren can develop the best possible design for the client. 

Slimstalleren applies all the technological specialisations of itself and it’s partners, such as fire safety, security, ICT and office automation, sustainable energy and measurement and control technology. These are integrated into a comprehensive package of building systems, tailored to the specific situation, requirements and wishes of clients. 

Slimstalleren provides integrated solutions that cover all systems in a building, so the mechanical and electrical engineering systems as well as the ICT systems. Regardless of whether a building project is new-build or renovation project, the specialist engineers at Slimstalleren can support the entire project, from the initial preparations to the commissioning of the building.

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